Prof.Dr. Hysen Mankolli

Prof.Dr. Hysen Mankolli

Prof.Dr. Hysen Mankolli

Editor of IJEES, Ecologist, Plainfield, Illinois, USA and
Health and Environment Association, Tirana, Albania







Prof. Dr. Hysen Mankolli1*, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Lyudmyla Symochko2,  Prof. Assoc. Dr. Flora Merko3, Prof. Dr. Sukru Dursun4
1*Expert in Ecology, Plainfield, Illinois, USA; Consultant Scientific Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC), University of Maryland College Park, USA; Chief Editor of IJEES journal,;; *E-mail:;;

2Faculty of Biology, Uzhhorod National University, Voloshyna Str. 32, 88000, Uzhhorod, Ukraine; Email:;

3 ”Aleksander Moisiu” University, Department of Economics, Durres, Albania;

4Head of Environmental Engineering Science Department, Engineering and Natural Science Faculty, Konya Technical University, Konya, Turkey; Chief Editor of and; E-mail:;


Albania is located on the western part of the Balkan Peninsula, between 39 38’ and 42 39’ latitude and between 19

16’ and 21 4’ longitude. It is bordered by Greece in the East and South east, by Macedonia in the East-Northeast and by Kosovo in the northeast, North and Northwest: Adriatic and Joni sea from the west and southwest borders of the country. The country covers a surface of about 28.748 km². The coastal area is 7000 km2 or 25% of the national territory; the Mediterranean watershed includes 28748 km2. Country’s Protected area is app.162 529 ha which means 5.8% of the territory. The climatic elements that determined an eco-climate zone are combinations. Their comprehensiveness and coactions give stable contours of eco-climatic indexes. The determination of an eco-climatic zone takes in consideration indexes that are repetitive and sustainable on time and space. These indexes have abiotic and biotic nature. In every case factor that condition eco-climatic of a macrozone or microzone are geophysics as:

latitude, altitude above sea level, atmospheric and biotic phenomena’s and presence of natural or cultivated vegetation. The bioclimatic concept is wide and from ecologic viewpoint shows the combination of content elements that determine plant and animal life. The climatic data for a many year’s period where minimal and maximal temperature, relative humidity air and precipitation on micro zone in territorial areas Tirana, Albania, take on study, we have values from coefficients of Q on limit boundary (up and down). The indexes Q from applied of the Emberger method is on limits from 142.2- to 205.7.  Eco zone of Tirana classification on bioclimatic model, humid with value (Q) over 90. In table no.5 we have coefficient Q for more micro zones Dajt of Tirana, Albania.  Based on obtained results from the data processing according to Emberger and Rivas S. Martinez’s Method, and the discussions about the study “Bioclimatic evaluations in the mountainous ecosystem of Dajt-Tirana” is concluded: 1. The index Q is oscillated from 142, to 205,7. For Tirana eco zone (the humid variant of bioclimatic) Q values are over 90. 2. The index Ic. The continental index is oscillated from 26,4 to 29,3. The ecosystem of Dajt-Tirana based on index Ic or continental index is evaluated on sub Continental – Continental – Mediterranean macroclimate. The changes among the studied micro zones results with a little climate change and are part of a bioclimatic type.   3. The index It. The termotipos index is oscillated from 381 to 456. Dajt eco-zone based on index It is considerate with termotemplado micro-bio- climate, in which take parts: Fushë-Dajt, Rrëzë-Dajt and infratemplado ones in which take parts Linëza. 4. The index Io. The ombrotipos index is oscillated from 2,2 to 3,7. Tirana eco-zone based on index Io is considerate with a dry Semiarido micro-bio- climate 2.0-3.6, in which take parts: Fushë-Dajt, Rrëzë-Dajt, Linëz.  5. Evaluation of micro-zones ecoclimatic indexes the minimal average temperature on Rrëzë-Dajt results – 2,6 °C. The minimal average annual temperature on Rrëzë-Dajt results 10,2 °C. The minimal average monthly precipitation on Rrëzë-Dajt results 1558 mm.


Keywords: ecosystem, environment, bioclimatic factor, evaluation, mountain Dajt, Albania

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